DiScho (Digital School Services)

Scalable services to support digitalization of education

Designing efficient and high quality digital learning solutions requires broad expertise from multiple disciplines. This expertise needs to be easily adaptable and available at the appropriate time. Based on previous research DiScho (Digital School Services) project aims to develop a modular, agile and scalable service concept for supporting digitalization of education. Potential customers in Finland and globally include both education providers and digital learning solution developers. DiScho service innovation offers support for ensuring globalizability and quality of  learning solutions in a cost efficient way. Digital learning solution development and evaluation processes combine pedagogical, content related, technological and sociocultural aspects of digital learning. Global value of the service innovation is furthered by its strong connection to the tradition of Finnish educational expertise.


Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) funds the project  through the New business from research ideas program.

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Tiina Mäkelä  tiina.m.makela[a]

Veera Kenttälä veera.kenttala[a]