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International network

The international network consists of researchers and experts from seven countries: Finland, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Spain.


Universidad de La Frontera

The university of La Frontera (University of the Frontier) is a derivative university and a part of the Chilean Traditional Universities. It has a student body with a variety of abilities from different backgrounds. The Systech representative at the university is Prof. Enrique Hinostroza. 

Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong

The university of Hong Kong is a comprehensive university which has gained international recognition for its accomplishments as a research-led comprehensive university. It has established international connections with universities and research institutions worldwide. The Systech representative at the university is Prof.  Nancy Law. 

South Korea

Sunchon National University

Sunchon National University is a research university recognized as the best highest educational institute as a think-tank which contributes to the development of local communities and the country. The Systech representative at the university is Prof. Heeok Heo.


Chungbuk National University

Chungbuk National University is one of the ten South Korean Flagship National Universities which are created by the government to lead the development of South Korea into a developed country through providing the highest educational institutions nationwide. The Systech representative at the university is Prof. Okhwa Lee. 



National institute of Education

The National Institute of Education is a national teacher training institute in Singapore. Its mission is to be a world-class institute renowned for its excellence in teacher education and educational research. The Systech representative at the institute is Prof. Chee-Kit Looi. 



Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The Open University of Catalonia is a completely online higher education institution. There are no traditional classrooms and all teaching happens through internet. The Systech representative at the university is  Dr. Luis Villarejo.

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC) is the largest engineering university in Catalonia, Spain. It has a strong focus on internationality with the highest number of international PhD and master’s degree students. The Systech representative at the university is Prof.  Maria-Ribera Sancho. 


United Arab Emirates

Zayed University

Zayed University aims to be the leading university in the United Arab Emirates and recognized globally for its participation in educational and cultural achievements and enrichment of economic and social development. The Systech representative at the university is Bradley Young.



United Arab Emirates UniversityThe United Arab Emirates University is a research-intensive university of international stature which works with its partners in industry to provide research solutions to challenges in the national and international level. The Systech representative at the university is Dr. Qasim Mohammad Alshannag


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