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During the project, a collection of learning solutions is gathered, evaluated and tested by the Systemic Learning Solutions value network. Here we present some of them.
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Content Solutions

10monkeys Math World (10monkeys Oy)

10monkeys is a math learning tool for children aged 6-10.  It offers thousands of engaging math challenges in a safe and accessible web setting. It is compatible with all curricula by design and provides self-paced individual learning as well as statistics of individual and group progress for teachers.


Cesim OnService (Cesim Oy)

Cesim OnService is designed to teach all essential elements of running a small service business. Besides helping to command business fundamentals, participants will gain invaluable experience in teamwork and problem solving. Cesim OnService is available in nine languages. 



NoviCraft (LudoCraft Oy)

NoviCraft is a teambuilding and leadership game that offers a novel and engaging tool for training teams in collaborative problem-solving. NoviCraft stimulates people for better understanding of teamwork, leadership and the challenges of group dynamics in their work communities.


Petra’s Planet (Dramaforum Oy)

Petra’s Planet is a virtual world which provides children with an opportunity to explore different countries and their cultures safely through play and games. On Petra’s Planet one can experience adventures in different countries and cultures.


IDEA - Instrumental Driver's Educational Assistant (Ringroad International) (in Finnish, only company websites, no access to learning solution.)

IDEA -learning environment is developed to improve your driving style to more safe, economical- and environmental friendly direction. As commonly known, traffic accidents and air pollution are a huge problem in EU and everywhere else. Fast way to improve those things is to change each driver's driving behavior instead of building new expensive cars. IDEA is using coaching as a pedagogical approach, a telematic tool for data collection and finally analyzes the collected data to give learning goals for drivers.

Orxter (Orxter Oy)

Orxter is a tool for learning and teaching music that offers backgrounds and a tool that helps learning to read melodies from sheet music.  Orxter is available for browser and Apple's mobile devices.


Promentor Web (Promentor Solutions)

Promentor Web is a high quality language learning solution with immediate interactive feedback which guides thinking and problem solving. Promentor Web follows Learning by doing -attitude in all aspects of language learning, reading, writing, listening, grammar and pronunciation. (Rockway) is an online portal for learning to sing, play drums, guitar, bass or keyboards in a band. The solution is designed for both classroom and individual use with either a computer or a mobile device. The learning material is targeted for all, regardless of level in music education.



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Tools and Platforms


Activation Engine (AlkuvoimaEast Oy) (company website)

Activation Engine is a learning and exercise environment where students can reflect their skills in simulated situations. Educational tasks can be fed to mobile devices after which the students complete the given assignments whilst the teacher and other students can assess the level of performance. 


Eliademy (CBTech)

Eliademy provides a solution for easy creation of an online course. Eliademy makes it easy to attach the courses discussion forums and questionnaires, on which it is also possible to share documents and multimedia contents. Eliademy can be used with mobile devices and browsers.



Nomadi (Citynomadi Oy)

Nomadi is a GPS-based application that lets the user to create and download different types of maps for educational purposes. Citynomadi can be shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter) and enables video and mp3 content as well free as route editing. Available for iOS and Android devices.  

LumiHub (Lumi Interactive Oy) (In Finnish)

 LumiHub is a widget-based, scalable learning environment that adapts seamlessly to basically any device. It can be used as a platform for various contents and lets the administrator (eg. teacher) to manage the audience and the content the users (eg. students) can interact with.


Digital Skills Evaluation Tool Tiviittori (TIEKE) and (in Finnish)

Tiviittori is a web-based tool for digital skills evaluation. It contains three tests 1) Information Society and Media skills, 2) Technical and practical ICT skills and 3) Knowledge Work skills. Tiviittori is a tool for schools and training organizations evaluating students or personnel, for companies evaluating their personnel or recruiting new people and it can also be used for self-assessment. As a result participants receive a personal report on their digital skills and development needs. Organizations also receive group reports. Both personal and group reports contain a comparison of digital skills to national level.


Ubilabs-learning material portal (Ubiikki Oy)

Ubilabs is an e-portal for creating, modifying and sharing learning contents. Modifiable contents can be used as a supplement or replacement for work- or textbooks. The current contents support Finnish secondary school Physics, Geography and Health Education curriculum.

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Pedagogical Service Concepts


Learning Gateway (Neoxen Oy)

Neoxen Learning Gateway is a multilingual and multicultural social learning platform for schools and educational institutions. As a ubiquitous e-learning platform Learning Gateway fosters the world-acknowledged Finnish education system. It supports the latest pedagogical innovations such as personalization, collaboration, etc.


Connect Distance Learning Concept (Otavan opisto)


Adobe Connect distance learning concept enables the teachers to develop distance learning methods and skills by providing the best practices in on-line and virtual teaching.



Webpanel (Webmie Oy)

Infrastructure Solution. Internet usage research panel measures how efficiently the Internet is used in supporting teaching and learning. It anonymizes all information and provides useful data of web traffic for teachers and students alike. 





TabLab (IlonaIT Oy) 

Tablab is a service concept that focuses on the use of tablets in education. It aims at developing the pedagogical elements associated with new mobile technology as well as promotes best practices in the field of mobile learning.


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