Systemic Learning Solutions

The Value Network

The value network project started in 2011 in Finland and expanded in 2013 to 6 partner countries. The network consists of researchers, companies that develop learning solutions, pedagogical experts in piloting environments and experts that evaluate the learning solutions (Table 1). The project aims to provide the audience (designers, educators and students etc.) with quality research-based principles for use, design and localization of digital learning solutions.

1. Research Project

2. Learning Solutions

3. Pedagogical Network

4. International Network

Development of research-based principles, procedures and methods for the design, use, and internationalization of learning solutions.

Compilation of the product portfolio of evaluated and tested learning solutions from early childhood education to adult education. The compilation includes learning solutions from seven SysTech participant countries.

1. Creating and sharing good practices and knowledge on the effects of using learning solutions

2. Developing learning at work organizations (so called TYKE-projects).


Evaluation of localizing needs of learning solutions in seven participant countries.



Table 1: The value network components and their functions 

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